Tesla 120W Деревянный Бокс Мод 0.2Ohm

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Деревянный вариваольт бокс мод под две батареи

Оригинальный бокс мод Tesla 120W из дерева, варивольт, OLED дисплей, 24A, 11V


 Характеристики Tesla 120W:
 Material  Dark wood/Red wood
 Electrode Copper plated Silver electrode
 Color  Dark wood/rose wood
 Size  64*118*28 mm
 Maximum output power  7-120 W
 Maximum output voltage  11 V
 Maximum output current  24 A
Atomizer's resistance 0.2-3.5 Ohm
 Battery  Using 2 pcs 18650 batteries
 Thread  510 Thread
 Packing Gift Box/OEM
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHs



 Tesla 120W box mod Function Parameters:

Minimum output power 7 W
Maximum output power 120 W
Maximum output voltage 11 V
Maximum output current 24 A
Minimum atomizer`s resistance 0.2 Ohm
Range of resistance 0.2-3.5 Ohm
 Tesla 120W box mod Basic Function:
  • Three buttons: The big button is the power button, two others are the adjusting buttons.

  • 5 clicks in 2 seconds comes to working condition, the screen will show "HELLO".

  • Output power adjustment: Press the "+" button once,the output power will add 1W. In the same way, the output power will reduce 1W by pressing the "-" button once. Press the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time, it will come to the mode of power fast adjusting.

  • Screen Reverse: Press the "+" and "-" button meanwhile, the screen will reverse. This function is designed for lefthander.

  • Lock the power: Press the power button and "-" button meanwhile, the power will be locked.

  • Lock the screen: If you want to save the power, Press the power button and "+" button meanwhile.

 Tesla 120W box mod Protection:  
  • Over puffing protection: when vaping over 10 seconds, the power will be off compulsively, OLED will show "long smoking".

  • Low-voltage protection: when the voltage is below 6.6 V, OLED will show "low battery" and the products need to be charged in time, since low battery can't support smoking normally.

  • Lock: 5 clicks in 2.5 seconds, the products will be locked and LED shows "CIG LOCKED".

  • Unlock: 5 clicks in 2.5 seconds when it is in locking condition, "CIG UNLOCKED" on the LED will remind that it has been unlocked.

  • Reverse connection protection: when battery is put at wrong direction, it will not cause ang damage to control panel with protection. Take out the battery and put it at a right direction, the product will in normal working condition.

  • Short protection: when the resistance of the atomzier is below 0.2 ohm, in order to avoid over-heating, the circuit will have protection automatically, the LED will show "atomzier short".

  • Tesla 120W box mod is designed for people of legal age, not for non-smokers, children, wowen who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people with heart disease or taking medication for depression or asthma.

  • Make sure don't misuse Tesla 120W box mod even if it is made of wood/aluminium, damage may be caused by dropping.

  • Please keep away the small parts included in the unit from children and pets.

  • Don't repair the unit by yourself to avoid damage and personal injury.

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