Yep 0.2Ω 2x18650 Деревянный Мех Бокс Мод

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Деревянный механический бокс мод под две батареи 18650, поддержка сопротивления 0.2ом.

Material: Safflower Pear and Rosewood
Electrode: Copper plated silver, Floating Pin
Low Resistance: 0.2ohm
PCT Protection:Reverse connection protection



1) Material:  Safflower Pear and Rosewood

2) Electrode:  Copper plated silver, Floating Pin 

3) Dimension: 30*55*115 mm

4) Battery:  Two 18650 batteries

5) Maximum output voltage: 11V

6) Maximum output current: 24A

7) Support RDA resistance: 0.2-3.5 ohm  

8) Protection for Yep Wood box mod: 1)Over puffing protection 2)Low-voltage protection 3)Reverse connection protection 4)Short circuit protection


Brand name Yepecig Wood box mod
Material Safflower Pear and Rosewood
Color Red/Yellow
Dimension 30*55*115 mm
Battery 2 x 18650
Net Weight 120g
Button magnet
Thread 510 thread
Pin copper, Floating
OEM welcome
Certification CE RoHS
Package gift box
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